7 Cm Green Sparklers Crackers

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Product Details:

7 cm Green Sparklers Crackers - Illuminate the Night!

These 7 cm Green Sparklers Crackers will illuminate the night. They are a kind of portable firework that gives off a beautiful green light. Whenever you want, these items can make your nights unique.

Main Features:

  • Size: A length of seven centimeters
  • Color: Deep green
  • Usage: For easy lighting purposes it is held in hand.
  • Effect: They sparkle with luminous green color

Ideal for:

  • Parties
  • Festivals
  • Celebrations
  • Outdoor gatherings

Safety Measures:

  • Pointered away from body and always at arms length.
  • Should be used under strict adult supervision.
  • Keep water accessible.


  1. Light only at one tip.
  2. Hold away from yourself.
  3. Enjoy!

We have the Green Sparklers Crackers that can make every occasion bright and unforgettable!