10 Cm Electric Sparklers Crackers

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Product Details:

10 cm Electric Sparklers Crackers - Light Up Your Nights!

These hand-held sparklers are perfect for any celebration as they burn with bright, electric sparks. They make your festive moments more special while being safe and easy to use.

Key Features:

  • Size: 10cm long.
  • Type: Fireworks that can be held in the hand.
  • Color: Vibrant electric sparks.
  • Usage: Suitable for night-time celebrations.
  • Safety: Designed to be safe for handling and use.

How to Use:

  1. Keep the sparkler away from your eyes as well as body.
  2. Light its end using a match or lighter.
  3. Observe the radiant display safely.
  4. After using it completely, put the hot part in water.

Safety Tips:

  • Ensure kids are under supervision always.
  • Use them outside in open places.
  • Have some water ready just in case of an emergency.

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Customer Reviews:

“Great sparks really enjoyed by our family gatherings!” - Jane D.
"Safe yet enjoyable for children; this is a favorite at parties!" - Omar F.