7 Cm Colour Sparklers Crackers

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Product Details:

Hand-held Sparklers - Let Your Night Shine!

Not Too Shiny: It’s okay to be held by hand. Watch the magic unfolding!
Colors: They come on with vibrant colors. Suitable for any occasion!
Fast Show: Each sparkler burns brightly for a short but lovely display.
Easy to Light: Simple and safe to ignite. You will have the show started immediately!
Pack Size: Packed in tens. Make everyone joyful!


Ideals are parties, festivals and special occasions that may shine in your life.


  1. Don’t hold the sparkler towards yourself.
  2. Light the tip and enjoy it.
  3. After use put it in a safe place.

Safety Tips:

  • Adult supervision advised when using.
  • Keep children away from them.
  • Avoid holding directly above your head or anything else you might hurt others.

Celebrate with a Spark!