15 Cm Green Sparklers Crackers

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Celebrate with 15 cm Green Sparklers Crackers

Illuminate and sparkle this night with our 15 cm Green Sparklers Crackers! These sparklers are quite safe for hand, they produce an attractive glow of green.


  • Size: 15 cm in length
  • Colour: Bright green
  • Type: Hand-held sparklers
  • Usage: Excellent for night-time occasions


  • Simple handling: Just burn the tip and watch the green flashes.
  • Secure grasp: Intended to be used by hand and equipped with a strong handle.
  • Amusable for everyone: Good for children and adults at any party or gathering.


  1. Keep the sparkler away from your body.
  2. Use a lighter or match to ignite the end.
  3. Hold it at arm’s length.
  4. Watch. Put in water after using it up.


  • Only under adult supervision is allowed use of this product.
  • Don’t touch burning end.
  • Because It can burn the face, do not keep it near it.
  • Dispose correctly after use.

Celebrate safely and brilliantly with our Green Sparklers Crackers!