50 Cm Colour Sparklers Crackers

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Product Details:

Illuminate Your Night with 50 cm Colour Sparklers Crackers

Light up the night with our 50 cm colour sparklers crackers! These hand-held fireworks glow with blazing, colourful sparks and are ideal for festivities or adding some sparkle to any event.


  • Length: Length of 50 cm is longer and means more burning hours.
  • Colours: Enjoy different bright colours.
  • Safety: The ones that can be held in hands only. It has a secure handle.
  • Use: Suitable for night events like parties, festivals and even weddings too.


  1. Hold the stick away from your body.
  2. Ignite its tip using matchstick or lighter to produce a good display while being safe.
  3. Enjoy it safely!
  4. When you are through put it in water until it is fully burnt out.

Safety Measures:

  • Supervised by an adult when using it.
  • Avoid face and things which catch fire easily.
  • Do not hold after the flame becomes extinguished in order to prevent getting burnt.