50 Cm Electric Sparklers Crackers

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Product Details:

Elevate Your Celebration with 50 cm Electric Sparklers

Get a wild night with our 50 cm Electric Sparklers! For all sorts of celebrations, these small fireworks will make you see the flashes. They are also safe to use and easy for anyone.


  • Size: 50 cm long means that they sparkle longer.
  • Type: Hand-held so as to make it easier.
  • Usage: Used at night on special occasions.
  • Safety: Designed with user safety in mind.

The merits include:

  • Bright Sparks: This allows one to have a light show emanating from your hands.
  • User-Friendly: One only needs to light them up and hold them without any set-up required.
  • Safe for All: Meant for both adults and children when supervised by an adult.

How to Use:

  1. Keep sparkler away from body.
  2. Light tip of sparkler and move back a bit.
  3. Hold the sparkler straight up and watch its display.
  4. When done put in water till completely out.

Safety Tips:

  • Always supervise children’s activities.
  • Only use outdoor open spaces.
  • Avoid contact with face or clothing.
  • Dispose off properly.

Our 50 cm Electric Sparklers let you celebrate safely and brightly. Perfect for any festive event, adding shimmer to your night has never been this simple, or safer!