12 Cm Red Sparkles Crackers

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Product Details:

12 cm Red Sparkles Crackers - Brighten Your Nights!

Illuminate your nights with our 12 cm Red Sparkles Crackers! These hand-held fireworks emit bright red dazzling light, perfect for any evening event. Made with safety in mind, they can be held and shot towards the sky for a magical experience.

Main Features:

  • Dimension: Each cracker is 12 cm long
  • Colour: Bright red dazzling light
  • Intended Use: To be used while one holds it in their hand
  • Safety: Made with the user’s safety in mind

Product Summary:

If you are having an evening event, our 12 cm Red Sparklers are just right. These hand-held fireworks burst into amazing red sparkles. They are simple to use and safe for all members of the family. Treat yourself to this great collection of red dazzlers which make magic moments come true.

Direction for Use:

  1. Grasp its bottom firmly
  2. Light its head but away from your face point blankly
  3. Safely watch twinkling flowers from a distance


  • Keep water nearby at all times
  • Supervise children at all times during ignition process only!
  • Don’t hold sparkler when lit if less than 18 years old!

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Order now and get yourself 12 cm Red Sparkles Crackers which will give reason for remembering your event for many years ahead! Consider buying them especially when there is partying or any festivity whatsoever.