Ground Chakkar Special Crackers

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Embark on a thrilling experience with our ground chakkar special crackers. These crackers twirl rapidly emitting bright sparks, making them fit for any festive occasion. They are safe as well as of high quality and will give you an excellent display.


  • Long Spin: Each cracker spins longer for more fun.
  • Bright Colors: Watch the night light up with bright, colorful sparks.
  • Safe: Designed to be safe at every event.
  • Green: Eco-friendly crackers.


  • Make Memories: Shiny events can be created by these crackers.
  • Fun for Kids: It’s safe and children love them!
  • Easy to Use: Light it up, watch it fly!

How to Use

  1. Place cracker on a hard surface.
  2. Light the fuse and walk away.
  3. See it spin and glitter.


"Best purchase! The Ground Chakkar Special Crackers made our Diwali amazing!" — Priya S.

"Great quality and very safe for kids. We loved them." — Anil Kumar


Q: How many chakkars come per box?

A: 10 special chakkar crackers are in each pack.

Q: Do they sound loud?

A: No, they don’t focus on sound but visuals.

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