Ground Chakkar Big Crackers (10 Pcs)

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Product Details:

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Ground Chakkar Big Crackers are here for you to enjoy! This pack has 10 wire circle crackers. Great for parties. They glow and look awesome, as they spin. These ones are easy and safe for everyone.

Product Details

  • Quantity: 10 crackers
  • Type: Wire circles
  • Colors: Bright colors
  • Spin: Long and fast
  • Safety: Very safe


  • Rapid spinning
  • Less smoke
  • Safe handle
  • Colorful sparks

How to Use

Put the cracker in a flat place. Have it lit and move aside. Observe as it rotates or spins or turns on itself producing light.

Safety Tips

  • Use outside away from things that can be burnt.
  • Keep water close.
  • Always watch kids.

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