4” Twinkling Star Crackers

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Product Details:

Every Spark Makes the Sky Bright!

Product Description

4” Twinkling Star Crackers are an ideal way to bring the fun back into any occasion! These crackers are easy to handle and safe when you hold them directly in your hand. All you have to do is light them up, and they will emit radiant flashes lighting up the dark sky.

Main Features

  • Fun in Hand: You can safely hold it with your palms.
  • Bright Flashes: The shining lights that make darkness disappear.
  • Easy-to-Light: Quick-starting flame which is harmless.
  • Just Right Size: Fit for all ages at 4 inches each.

Instructions on How to Use

  1. Keep away from body when igniting the Twinkling Star Cracker.
  2. Light using a fire source.
  3. Be responsible while enjoying this display.

Safety Hints

  • Children should be under constant supervision.
  • Avoid use near flammable things in open spaces only.
  • Use it right once and then dispose of properly after a while.

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