Serfent’s Egg Crackers

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Perfect For Children!

Every pop is loaded with FUN!

This is a happy life for the Serfent’s Egg Crackers. They are snake egg crackers that will make your children happy with their sparkling and surprising nature; they are safe and exciting, crafted to suit little hands.

Why Should You Choose Serfent’s Egg Crackers?

  • Kids Find Them Easy To Use: Our snake egg crackers are user-friendly. Kids can handle them safely under adult supervision.
  • Beautiful Colors: Each cracker releases vivid colors and sound effects that excite kids.
  • Quality Ensured: Manufactured with care, Serfent’s Egg Crackers ensures you an experience of safety every step of the way.


  1. Take one of the Serfent’s Egg Cracker.
  2. Allow an adult person to help you ignite it.
  3. It cracks and pops as a child watches!

Magic And Laughter Hereinafter!

Safe For The Small Hands

Our fireworks have been designed for children’s safety. Every pack has instructions written on it clearly to ensure that you do not harm your family when having fun.

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