2 ¾ “ Kuruvi Crackers

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Product Details:

2 ¾ “ Kuruvi Crackers ( Vedi ) - Affordable Premium Fireworks for Every Celebration


Meet the 2 ¾ “ Kuruvi series. These crackers are perfect for any party. They blend old and new styles. You will love the light and sound.


  • Top Quality: We only use the best materials. They are safe and give great shows.
  • Green Choice: Our crackers are good for the planet. Have fun and stay green.
  • Bright Sparks: Each one sends gold sparks high into the sky. They look amazing.


  • Save Money: Our bundle offers a good price.
  • Any Occasion: They are great for Diwali, New Year's, or weddings. Make your events shine.
  • Family Safe: We check each cracker for safety.


Our bundle includes top-notch crackers. They create a stunning gold display. They are all safe. The price is good for big parties.

How to Use

  1. Set Up: Pick a clear area.
  2. Be Safe: Keep everyone away.
  3. Ignite: Light the fuse and step back.
  4. Clean: Make sure all is out and clean up.


Customers love these crackers. Here's what they say:

“They’re beautiful and simple to use!” – Priya S.

“Affordable and great quality!” – Rajesh K.

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Enjoy your events with our 2 ¾ “ Kuruvi Crackers series. Quality and fun come together here.