240 Shots Crackers

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Other Shop Price: ₹ 6800/-

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Product Details:

240 Shot Sky Crackers - Make Your Celebrations Brighter!

Make your celebrations brighter with our 240 Shot Sky Crackers! Just as the fireworks go up in the sky, they exhibit marvelous colors and sounds that will amaze you. These are user-friendly and secure hence making every unique occasion memorable.

Key Features:

  • Powerful: 240 shots for a grand show.
  • Lasts Long: Keeps going so you enjoy more.
  • Bright Colors: The sky is full of reds, blues, greens.
  • Top Quality: The product is designed well to keep you safe.

Why Buy This?

  • Simple Setup: Start fast and enjoy more.
  • Safe: Our safety measures guarantee this.
  • Memorable: Ideal for any big function.

How to Use:

  1. Place on flat hard surface.
  2. Read through the safety guide.
  3. Light it up and step back.
  4. Watch the skies light up!

Safety First:

  • Use in large open space.
  • Keep water or fire stopper nearby.
  • Only adults should use them while kids should just watch with an adult.

Buy Now:

Order for your 240 Shot Sky Crackers now. Your night light will be set off and all events lively!