Blue Moon Sky Shot Crackers – 5 pcs

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Product Details:

Blue Moon Sky Shot Crackers - 5 Pack | Bright & Eco-Friendly Fireworks


Each of these five Blue Moon Sky Shot Crackers in this pack represents a top-quality little sky-shot cracker that can be used to lighten up any celebration. Feel the magic with every shot!

Product Details

  • Count: 5 pcs per pack
  • Type: Fireworks
  • Category: Small aerial shell fireworks
  • Use: Outdoor


New crackers! The Blue Moon Sky Shot Crackers are about to amaze you. These most recent gadgets make for small sky shots, but they do it best. It moves up into the air and split apart into many colours filling the sky after bursting open. They can easily be used by anyone making them safe for family events.


  • Vivid Colors- Bright, vivid colors on each shot.
  • Easy to Light- Start your show quickly and safely.
  • Eco-Friendly- Made from materials which are friendly to our environment.

Safety Information

To ensure safety, adults must supervise during use. Safe experience is available if one follows instructions on package as directed.

Why Choose Blue Moon Sky Shot Crackers?

Our Blue Moon Sky Shot Crackers are an ideal choice for any festive event; they create anticipation and wonderment among many people. For those who want superb small sky shot crackers without all the fuss, these are the perfect ones.