Double Blast Crackers

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Product Details:

Feel the Thrill with Double Blast Crackers!

These hand-held fireworks are perfect for any festive occasion and they will not just dazzle you but also keep you safe. It is a must-have explosive for your celebrations, safely and excitedly. Get ready to brighten up the sky.

Main Features

  • Handy Advantage: Safely hold these crackers right in your hand.
  • Powerful Effects: Enjoy double the crackling power.
  • Simple Operation: Just light them up; and see magic unfold.
  • Friendly to All Ages: Helpful during partying, New Year’s Eve, etc.

How to Use

Keep the base securely by your side.

Light its other end away from yourself or others' faces.

Be fascinated as brilliant jets of sparks fly off accompanied by sharp sounds produced by burning gunpowder particles thrown into the air.

Safety Information

  • Adult supervision required while in use.
  • Ready access to water should be kept close by in case of emergencies.
  • Not suitable for children below 12 years of age.

Product Details

Each pack contains 10 Double Blast Crackers.

Each cracker goes on for an approximately twenty seconds long sizzle time period.

All handheld fireworks meet safety requirements certificates availed.

Customer Reviews

“Absolutely thrilling! The Double Blast Crackers made our celebration unforgettable.” - Jamie L.

“Kids loved them! We felt safe holding them and the effects were awesome.” - Mark S.

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