Baby Mix Crackling Crackers

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Product Details:

Illuminate Your Celebrations with Baby Mix Crackling Pencil Crackers!

These are safe to hold and enjoyable to use because they crackle and spark brightly. They light up fast and keep the fun alive, thus making them a hit at any occasion.

Main Features

  • Portable Fun: Have an illuminated display right in your palm.
  • Bright Sparks: Each cracker explodes with colored sparks and lively pops.
  • Safe for Kids: Carefully constructed for safety, which guarantees fun irrespective of age group.
  • Quick Light: Starts quickly without spoiling the festivities.

Product Description

Baby Mix Crackling Crackers bring a little sparkle into your holidays. These handheld fireworks are both safe and breathtaking. It only needs one end to be lit before it starts producing colorful and audible crackles. Easy to use during any celebration, these ones are also captivating when observed.

Instructions for Use

  1. You must grip the base firmly.
  2. Use a match or lighter to ignite its tip.
  3. Enjoy the colorful sparks safely from your hand.

Safety Information

Children should always be supervised while using them.

Only operate in open places that are far away from inflammable materials.

Have water nearby just in case of anything unexpected occurring.

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Want to make your party brighter? Add Baby Mix Crackling Crackers to cart and have an unforgettable event. Safe, spectacular, simple – great for all family members is what it is all about.