Mini siren crackers

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Product Details:

Mega-fireworks Mini Siren Crackers - Add Some Shine and Sparkle!

The Mega-fireworks, Mini Siren Crackers are the best to make your night more exciting. Add some shine and sparkle to your evening together with these fireworks packs.


  • Fast Ignition: These crackers are easy to light and they catch fire quickly.
  • Gorgeous Colors: You will be amazed by the red, green and blue colors that stand out in the dark.
  • Loud Whistles: Every cracker gives out a distinct loud sound.
  • Safe Design: Made considering outdoor usage safety measures.
  • Number of Packs: Each box has 50 mini crackers.

How to Use:

  1. Place the cracker on any leveled surface.
  2. Light the fuse and move away from it.
  3. Watch!

Safety Tips:

  • Use them outside on an open ground or field.
  • Have water or a fire extinguisher nearby for emergency purposes.
  • Not suitable for children below 8 years; supervision by adults is compulsory.

Buy Now:

To make your parties, celebrations and special occasions glittering, acquire Mini Siren Fireworks. Perfect for parties, celebrations, and special events.

Customer Reviews:

“Being very bright but not too harshly sounding this gave us maximum fun.”

“The noise! The kids loved all those colors!”


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