Sun Feast Red & Green Crackers - 5 Pcs

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Product Details:

Sun Feast Red & Green Crackers - Light Up Your Night Show

The Sun Feast Red & Green Crackers for any night show are full of colors. They come in packs of five with each one providing a magnificent red and green display up above.

Main Features:

  • Fresh Colors: Brilliant red and green lighting entertainment.
  • Simple to Install: User-friendly instructions for everyone.
  • Secure Architecture: Designed for protection during use.

Product Description:

Sun Feast Red & Green Crackers are designed to offer an exciting evening. They are ideal for all types of fireworks, including crackers. For the safe and spectacular shows, these crackers are packed with the necessary materials that make them safe to handle. Ignite them and watch as the sky bursts into different shades of beautiful colors.

Instructions for Use:

  1. Place on a flat open surface one at a time.
  2. Light fuse and quickly retire to a safer distance.
  3. Sit back and enjoy the display without fear.

Safety Information:

  • This is only meant to be used outside the house.
  • Never allow kids or pets close by it.
  • Observe firework laws in your area when using it.

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