10 HP Super Power Wala Crackers

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Product Details:

10 HP Super Power Wala Crackers - 5000 Wala

Light up the sky tonight with 10 HP Super Power Wala Crackers. Perfect for grand celebrations.

Main Characteristics:

  • Strong: Each pack has a beautiful spotlight display.
  • Lengthy Lasting: Over 5000 powerful explosions you will have fun.
  • Safety: Our products are approved by the relevant authorities.

Product Description:

Our Pack of 10 HP Super Power Wala Crackers is really a high-level fireworks center. This is especially designed for those who want to get noticed through their fun activities. It is ideal therefore for festivals and big occasions as it will provide a long-lasting show of bright explosions and echoes that can be heard from afar.

Usage Tips:

Strike the match, stand away and have a great time without any fear of danger associated with fireworks bursting over your heads.

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