1 HP Power Wala Crackers (Half)

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Other Shop Price: ₹ 480/-

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Product Details:

1 Half of 1 HP Power Wala Crackers – 400 Wala Crackers

Sparks Flaming with 1 HP Power!

Buy now! And feel the noise from 400 wala crackers!

Party in style! Our pack of 1 HP Power Wala Crackers (Half) is just like having a box of 400 wala crackers on a smaller scale. That makes it ideal for any celebratory occasion!

Key Features:

  • Powerful Performance: Get that loud and clear boom every time.
  • Lasting Fun: Comes with sufficient crackers to last an entire programme.
  • Safe and Secure: Family friendly as they have been tested for safety.

Product Details:

  • Pack Size: Half but double the thrill.
  • Noise Level: High; celebrations are meant to be heard!
  • Safety: Complies with all safety standards. Contains instructions.

Brighten up your celebration night with our 1 HP Power Wala Crackers (Half). Experience the power behind this product that has the same effect as 400 wala crackers. So, get one today and you will always remember your good times.

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