Colour Paper Bomb Crackers

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Colour Paper Bomb Crackers

Welcome the explosion of colors! Our Colour Paper Bomb Crackers are perfect for any occasion or event. These crackers pop with a blast of bright colored paper confetti. They can be used indoors or outdoors.


  • Bright Colours: Each cracker bursts with a mixture of vibrant colours.
  • Eco-Friendly: Manufactured from biodegradable paper.
  • Silent: Have fun without making loud noises.
  • Number of Packs: Consists of 10 paper bomb crackers.


  • Suitable for Children: No sharp sounds make these perfect for young guests.
  • No Messy Playtime: Simple to clean as all the confetti is made from paper.
  • Great for Celebrations: Suitable for birthdays, weddings and any other special event.

Instructions on Usage

  1. Hold the cracker by its point upwards.
  2. Pull the thread gently.
  3. Watch the colors burst out and float in the air around you.

Safety Guidelines

  • Use it under adult supervision only.
  • Do not target people or animals with it.
  • Keep it away from flames and water sources.

Customer Reviews

  • "Awesome fun at children’s parties! No mess and no noise."
  • "Nice colors, easy to use. We had a great New Year because of them!"

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