4” Deluxe Lakshmi Single Sound Crackers ( Vedi )

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Product Details:

4” Deluxe Lakshmi Single Sound Crackers ( Vedi ) - Affordable Premium Fireworks for Every Celebration


Meet the 4” Deluxe Lakshmi series. These crackers are perfect for any party. They blend old and new styles. You will love the light and sound.


  • Top Quality: We only use the best materials. They are safe and give great shows.
  • Green Choice: Our crackers are good for the planet. Have fun and stay green.
  • Bright Sparks: Each one sends gold sparks high into the sky. They look amazing.


  • Save Money: Our bundle offers a good price.
  • Any Occasion: They are great for Diwali, New Year's, or weddings. Make your events shine.
  • Family Safe: We check each cracker for safety.


Our bundle includes top-notch crackers. They create a stunning gold display. They are all safe. The price is good for big parties.

How to Use

  1. Set Up: Pick a clear area.
  2. Be Safe: Keep everyone away.
  3. Ignite: Light the fuse and step back.
  4. Clean: Make sure all is out and clean up.


Customers love these crackers. Here's what they say:

“They’re beautiful and simple to use!” – Priya S.

“Affordable and great quality!” – Rajesh K.

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