Planet Wheel – 2 Pcs Chakkara Crackers

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Product Details:

Magic of Spin

These wheels are called Chakkara Crackers which light up with vibrant spins and bright sparks on any occasion. The pack contains 2 big chakkars that will add excitement to your events.


  • Pack Quantity: 2 pieces in a set
  • Type: Ground Chakkar Big Crackers
  • Category: Wire Chakkar Crackers

Product Properties:

  • Long Duration – Each chakkar spins for a long time, bringing joy and light to your area.
  • Safe & Secure – Our chakkars are made of quality materials, thus ensuring safety.
  • Easy to use - Just ignite the tip and watch them spinning effortlessly.

Suitable for:

  • Diwali Celebrations
  • New Year Parties
  • Special Occasions

For Safety:

  • Avoid using indoors or near inflammable substances.
  • Do not allow children or pets near these fireworks.
  • Keep it cool and dry to prevent dampness.

Buy Now: Planet Wheel Chakkara Crackers is what you need to make your festivities brighter. Order your box today and transform your celebration into unforgettable moments!