200 Shots Crackers

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Product Details:

200 Shot Sky Crackers - Make Your Big Day Special!

Make your big day special with our Sky Crackers consisting of 200 Shots! These fireworks are ideal for evening occasions as they enlighten the whole sky. All colors and sounds can be found in one single package.

Main Features:

  • Many Bangs: Receive 200 bursts of light at once.
  • Bright Hues: See red, blue, and green lights illuminating the sky.
  • Simple to Use: Just ignite the wick and enjoy the display.
  • Safe Pleasure: Designed to make everyone safe while having fun.

Product Description:

With our Sky Crackers that contain 200 Shots, you can turn any night into a celebration! Fireworks explode successively into the sky filling it with various shades of colorful lights. They are also excellent for parties or special events. They set up easily and are enjoyable to watch.

Instructions for Use:

  1. Put on a flat, fire-safe area carefully.
  2. Light it up by igniting its fuse then back off.
  3. See the colors shining from above you as you watch them sparkle.

Safety Tips:

  • Always read instructions before using this product.
  • Use it only in big open areas where there is nothing that can be damaged by fireworks like houses or trees or other plants that may be highly flammable.
  • Keep them in a cool dry place.

Customer Reviews:

"I purchased these for our New Year’s gathering and everyone loved them! They were a snap to set up and the show was fantastic. It made our night a special one. Absolutely, I will buy again!"

Why Buy Our 200 Shot Sky Crackers?

Choose our Sky Crackers for a reliable, dazzling light show that’s easy to handle. These types of fireworks are perfect for making any nighttime event unforgettable. Prepare yourself for colorful skies with just one box!