100 Shots Crackers

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Product Details:

100 Shot Sky Crackers - Light Up the Night!

Our 100 Shot Sky Crackers are to be enjoyed under clear skies. They make any occasion special by bursting into colorful sparkles of a hundred.

Product Features:

  • Category: Fireworks for Night
  • Number: 100
  • Colors: Bright, Different Colors
  • Sounds: Explosions accompanied by loud bangs.
  • Duration of Show: Long

Simple Setup:

What you have to do is just place them on a leveled ground, ignite them and take cover. Once set off into the air, it shatters into 100 different colors up in the sky.

Stay Safe:

We keep your safety at heart; therefore, each box has simple instructions which you should follow so that everybody can enjoy safely.

Great For:

  • New Year’s Eve
  • Fourth of July
  • Birthdays
  • Celebrations

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Turn any night into a celebration with 100 Shot Sky Crackers. These are not simply fireworks but rather like a performance in the sky. Get yours today!