Wonderla White Crackling Crackers (3pcs)

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Wonderla White Crackling Pencil Crackers (3pcs)


Get the fun started with Wonderla White Crackling Crackers! It comes in a pack of three handheld crackers. They are reliable and put up an impressive display accompanied by hissing sounds and white splinters.

Main Points

  • You can hold them while they sparkle and crackle, without any danger.
  • They will fill the air with white sparks and noise.
  • Suitable for All Celebrations: Great for a party of any kind.

Using Them Correctly

Hold it from below the end where there is firework powder placed inside it.

Without bringing it near your face, cause a flame at its topmost part then leave it burning

Watch the sparks safely without harming yourself when watching them burn out.

Safe Handling Instructions

These should be used by adults or supervised around minors always present during celebrations, at home or in school premises.

Never touch the explosive contents which are found at one end that is not ignited as this might cause immediate death anytime anywhere due to explosion effects caused by these explosives.

Reasons for picking Wonderla Crackers

Choose Wonderla White Crackling Crackers for safe and thrilling entertainment. They will instantly light up your happy moments without any danger at all.

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Get your box of Wonderla White Crackling Crackers today! They make every event more entertaining with harmless sparks and fun crackles. Great for making any party even better.