White Crackling Crackers – 1 Pcs

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Product Details:

Sparkling White Cracklers – 1 Piece - Make Your Night Shine Bright

Get ready for a magical evening with our Sparkling White Cracklers – 1 Piece! Every one of them is an itty bitty firework that throws out shining white sparks, making your night shine bright!


  • Bright white sparks: Witness these tiny crackers explode into dazzling white lights, similar to little stars in the sky!
  • Crackling fun: Listen to them go pop and crack as they light up, which adds more thrill to your night.
  • Lasts a while: Watch the sparkling display last for around 10 seconds per cracker so that you can have enough time for watching.


  • Quantity: 1 pc
  • Duration: About ten seconds per cracker
  • Size: Small and easy to hold
  • Safety: Produced safely thus giving you a chance to enjoy your evening without worries

Recommendations on Use:

  1. Find an outdoor space where there is no flammable material around.
  2. Ensure all the firework regulations are observed in your locality.
  3. Ignite it carefully then move aside and observe its magic.
  4. Have fun but stay safe always!

Add these Sparkling White Cracklers – 1 Piece to your fireworks stash and be prepared for an incredible night! Place your order now and let’s start having fun!