Sun Feast Red Crackers - 5 Pcs

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Sun Feast Red Crackers - Revel in the Night

Revel in the night with Sun Feast Red Crackers. This package has 5 pieces, best for any festivity.


  • Bright Red Display: Each cracker gives out a bright red flash of light.
  • Easy to Use: A simple way of lighting up the crackers and making them explode.
  • Safety First: It comes with clear safety instructions.
  • All Ages: They are suitable for different age groups under supervision.


  • Contents: 5 Red Crackers
  • Color: Red
  • Use: Only outdoor use


  1. Set Up: Place on a flat, open area.
  2. Ignite: Light the fuse and step back immediately.
  3. Enjoy Safely: Watch from a safe distance.

Safety Tips:

  • Keep away from kids.
  • Store in a cool dry place always.
  • Only use as directed by manufacturer’s instructions manual.

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