Mega Warrior (Pop Corn with Crackling) Crackers

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Product Details:

Mega Warrior Crackers - Be Prepared for a Great Time

Be prepared for a great time with our Mega Warrior Crackers! They’re like popcorn, but they have crackling fireworks that can illuminate your night with happiness.


  • They are not only bright in color but also produce popping sounds thereby lighting up the sky.
  • Each cracker resembles popcorn and is full of fun.
  • Brilliant for making any overnight event super cool.
  • Easy to ignite – just light the fuse then enjoy!
  • Designed for safety and enjoyment.

Product Details:

  • Quantity: Many crackers inside each pack for a great time.
  • Size: Small size allows one to easily carry them around.
  • Duration: Each cracker provides a short, yet thrilling performance.

Great For:

Parties, celebrations or when you wanna make peoples’ minds explode!


  • For outdoor use only.
  • Keep away from kids as well as fire hazards.
  • Read and follow all cautionary notes.
  • Ensure there is an adult near when using them on children.

Ready for some mega bombing fun? Get your own Mega Warrior Crackers today!