Blue Ice Crackers – 5 pcs

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Product Details:

Blue Ice Crackers - Illuminate the Night

Illuminate the night with Blue Ice Crackers. It is a package that contains five marvelous fireworks. Each cracker explodes into bright blue sparks. They are good for any celebration!

Prominent Features:

  • Brilliant Blue Colors: All crackers burst into lovely displays of blue.
  • Five in a Pack: Multiple shows from just one buy.
  • Use Them Safely and Easily: Specially designed instruction-guided for a safe and enjoyable performance.

How to Light Them:

  1. Place them on a fireproof, flat surface.
  2. Ignite the fuse and speedily walk backwards.
  3. Watch from a distance but be safe about it.

Safety Precautions:

  • Do not allow children to handle this explosive device at all times.
  • Only use this product in open spaces outdoors.
  • Adhere to all precautions outlined in the packaging design.

Customers’ Comments:

“Fabulous blue colors! Made our party so amazing!” – Jane D

“I can’t believe how affordable it was for such an amazing display!” – Sam T

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