Safety First: Navigating the Perils of Fireworks Factories in Virudhunagar

A few kilometers from Sivakasi in Virudhunagar district are thousands of fireworks factories. Accidents and fatalities happen all year round with workers always at the risk of their jobs.
Sivakasi witnessed a fatal accident two days ago when a fireworks factory exploded, causing death to ten people and injuring more than ten others. Many political leaders in this country have expressed condolences to the bereaved families through statements.
Following the blast at a firework factory, Chief Minister Stalin has sent his heart-felt condolences to the affected families and promised each family a relief package three hundred thousand rupees. One hundred thousand rupees were given as a financial aid to those injured persons under treatment.The district administration ordered that well-trained employees be used in firework firms so as to prevent accidents emanating from human errors. Factories unable to fulfill this instruction within the stipulated time will halt productions, warned by District Collector himself.
At the Sivakasi Fireworks Production Centre is being given one month training program on safety while working in fireworks factories. The second reminder shall bring Rs 5000 fine for those factories which do not send their workers for training, Rs 10000 fine will be charged for the third reminder.If they ignore fourth reminder and fail attending trainings then license of concerned company will be withdrawan, warned Jayaseelan , District Collector of Virudhunagar District.
As per District Collector Jayaseelan, any firework industry that produces crackers without having their foremen and supervisors attend trainings will face severe actions including revocation of factory’s license.

The events of recent times have shown that there are major changes taking place in relation to safety concerns in Virudhunagar; it is clear that things can never remain as they were before. In navigating these shifts therefore customer choices should be informed particularly during Diwali, which is light’s festival. This is where CrackersCorner comes in as a safe, convenient and green alternative.

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Additionally, one can shop online for crackers during Diwali. This will save you from last minute rushes by ensuring that whatever is on offer meets all the required quality standards when it comes to safety aspects. It is possible for you to go through various options available at CrackersCorner’ website without leaving your house.Whether it is a thunderous display in the sky or ground spinners bursting with joy our range of Green crackers has something for every type of celebration.

Crackers Corner is dedicated to making your Diwali celebrations even better by offering a variety of Green crackers. In addition to being a safer choice, going with us means supporting changes towards responsible and environmentally friendly fireworks manufacturing industry which should be taken seriously.The brighter greener this Diwali together we shall make it come true.

Safety First: Navigating the Perils of Fireworks Factories in Virudhunagar
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