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Diwali, the Festival of Lights, is a time of joy, prosperity, and the celebration of good over evil. The date of Diwali fluctuates each year as it’s calculated based on the Hindu lunar calendar. We’ve been part of your Diwali celebrations for over two decades at Crackers Corner. It provides an easy, convenient way to purchase crackers online. Below we take a look back at the last 20 years of this auspicious festival. Along with the dates we’ll highlight how our celebrations have changed.

Diwali Dates: A 20-Year Snapshot in Time

Knowing when Diwali will happen is important for preparations and plans. Here’s a look back at what day it was held between 2004 to 2023.

YearDiwali Date
2004November 12
2005  November 1
2006October 21
2007November 9
2008October 28
2009 October 17
2010 November 5
2011 October 26
2012November 13
2013November 3
2014October 23
2015November 11
2016October 30
2017October 19
2018November 7
2019October 27
2020November 14
2021November 4
2022October 24
2023November 12

Looking ahead to next year, in 2024, Diwali falls on October 31 marking another year that light triumphs over darkness.

Celebrating Diwali in Today’s Digital World 

Shopping has evolved so much thanks to online shopping in modern times and preparing for and celebrating Diwali isn’t an exception to that. Buying crackers online has made it more convenient, safer, and better for the environment. People are shifting their behavior as well in terms of the kinds of products they buy to celebrate this special holiday with these options being more readily available than ever before.

Why Buy Crackers Online?

Convenience: Shop from anywhere, anytime without rushing through markets filled with people.

Variety: Browse a larger selection of items, including eco-friendly crackers.

Safety: Minimize risks by avoiding physical stores wherever possible and complete your transaction safely from home.

Eco-Friendly Options: If you’d like to make a greener choice this year, you’ll have no trouble finding green crackers that are easy on the planet.

Prepping for Diwali 2024 

As we approach Diwali 2024 it’s important to prepare early. With almost a whole month until it happens when it falls on October 31st you can get started today and still be ready ahead of time. Here are our recommendations at Crackers Corner:

Start Early: Get your purchases out of the way now so that as supplies start running low and prices start rising towards the end of next month you won’t be caught in a frenzy trying to find what you need.

Go Green: Celebrate sustainably by choosing fireworks that are less harmful to Earth and its creatures. In this case green is also considered good luck!

Safety First: Fireworks can be dangerous if used without caution. Always follow guidelines and supervise children around them for their own safety. Don’t let accidents dampen spirits during such an exciting festival.

In Conclusion

Looking back at memories from past years reminds us how much things have changed since then. At Crackers Corner we’ve been helping people with all of their Diwali preparations for over two decades but when we first started online shopping was barely even a thing! Now here we are celebrating light in the world with people from all over the country thanks to it. As we look forward to next year let’s continue embracing these changes and making our celebrations brighter. Visit Crackers Corner for all of your Diwali needs and make 2024 unforgettable!

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